“I had so much fun reading John W. Sloat’s book. I would not mind having my own misadventures. Great work!”

—Andrew Sanders, Michigan

“Hilarious! This is a stress reliever. I want more of this.”

—Fred Curtis, Massachusetts

“My friends were wondering why I kept laughing at what I was reading, so I suggested they read your book. They’re laughing now. What a great book. Love it!”

—Chloe Wright, Colorado

About the Author

John W. Sloat is a former Presbyterian minister. He holds a BA from Denison University, an MDiv from Princeton Seminary, and a ThM from Pittsburgh Seminary. Several of his sermons have been included in Pulpit Digest, a national preaching journal.


About the Book

Join Peter VanNest as he recalls some of the incidents from his childhood years and how he seemed to have a penchant for getting into trouble. You will be very entertained as he talks about religion, his curiosity about sex, and his experiences on getting into lots of troubles.



College Goals

July 22, 2016 John W. Sloat

Do you have college goals in mind? College, regardless of intent or purpose, can determine your future. It starts the moment you enroll. To get to the end, you need a solid and sustainable plan to execute your goals. I hope at least one of the following goals is on your bucket list: Be a consistent dean’s list student. Ace every exam that you take. Do all the ethical things that will ...

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Prom Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

July 22, 2016 John W. Sloat

Prom is probably the most exciting thing to happen in a teen's life. Thus, it is only understandable that teens, especially girls, would want to make sure everything is perfect. Here are some of the most useful life hacks every girl should know. Now, go and make your prom experience the best!

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Prom Night

July 22, 2016 John W. Sloat

Prom is a night that people either dream about or dread for months. The event has been the subject of numerous songs, movies, books, and episodes of television shows. Heck, even Glee made two episodes centered on the subject. When one looks back at their prom night, the images of dancing, dates, and corsages usually pop up. Leading up to the big event, prom proposals are over the place. The...

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