Building a Tree House


Every kid, at one time in their life, wished that they had a tree house in their backyard. I know I did. I remember longing to have my own place for adventures where my friends and I can do whatever we want, whenever we want, without being interrupted. It’s every child’s secret dream. Even some adults have it too. And like most dreams, you need to take action to make them come true.

Here are a few safe and practical tips for building your dream tree house.

  1. Tree houses should be made out of light materials. Building a house in midair is in itself a difficult job. You want to make sure that the tree can support the weight of the tree house. You also want to avoid doing unnecessary heavy lifting. Find quality wood products that need not be too heavy for you to handle.
  2. Find the sturdiest and strongest tree that has the most fantastic view. One of the perks of having a tree house in the right tree is the fact that it is perched on a place where dreams and reality collide without spoiling all the fun with you always worrying for your kids’ safety. Stability and imaginative style is what makes a tree house, well, a tree house.building-a-tree-house-pic-2
  3. Unlike a conventional house where you build it from the ground up, a tree house is built the other way around. You can start from atop the trunk, work your way through the branches, and make sure the platform is strong enough to hold it up. As for the other parts (i.e., walls, windows, and doorframes), you can assemble them up on the ground and install them later. Be mindful of your head always.
  4. Allow flexibility for your house’s support. Trees tend to do a lot of movement, although you find it stationary all the time. To protect the tree and your house from destroying each other, you have to leave enough space for to allow growth and movement.Living in a tree house gives you a sense of belongingness to nature. Also, you tend to be more adventurous and creative as you climb that tree and play a lot of games with your kids. Include it in your bucket list for the next year, and your kids will love you more for it.



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