Prom Night


Prom is a night that people either dream about or dread for months. The event has been the subject of numerous songs, movies, books, and episodes of television shows. Heck, even Glee made two episodes centered on the subject.

When one looks back at their prom night, the images of dancing, dates, and corsages usually pop up. Leading up to the big event, prom proposals are over the place. The pressure to get a date is at a high. Everyone scrambles to get the right outfits as quickly as possible before the good stuff runs out. Basically, prom is a make-or-break kind of night.

Aside from the glitz and glamour it presents, it comes with lessons as well. So no, prom night isn’t as shallow as it seems.

Lesson 1: Plan ahead. Remember the struggle in getting what you needed to make the night a perfect and memorable? Prom taught us that it’s always good to get a head start on planning things.

Lesson 2: When it comes to appearance, asking for help is never a bad idea. Shelling out money and leaving things to professionals is fine. After all, you deserve to look good on such a big night.

Lesson 3: Testing out certain looks first saves a lot of time. Make sure you know how you want to look to avoid mishaps on the day of the event.

Lesson 4: Shoes that don’t fit should stay away from your feet. It doesn’t have to be beauty before comfort all the time, you know.

Lesson 5: Friends make everything better. This is pretty self-explanatory.

Lesson 6: An emergency kit will be your lifesaver. For the ladies, remember to carry essentials such as lipstick, eyeliner, and foundation for needed touch-ups.

Lesson 7: Stress should be left outside the door. Prom is supposed to be a fun-filled night, so don’t stress out on things too much.

If you happen to be dateless during prom night, it’s fine. Besides, you get to spend more time with your friends. Not only that, you also get to dance with any person you want. You’ll save yourself from the misery of taking awkward prom photos. You don’t have to stress out on coordinating your outfit with anyone either, so that’s a plus. And because you’re going without a date, you pretty much have the license to flirt with anyone—just make sure that person isn’t off the market, okay?

Prom is a night you get to let loose and just have fun. So go and put on your best formal getups and dance until you drop. Take awesome pictures while you’re at it too.



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