College Goals

Do you have college goals in mind?

College, regardless of intent or purpose, can determine your future. It starts the moment you enroll. To get to the end, you need a solid and sustainable plan to execute your goals.

I hope at least one of the following goals is on your bucket list:

  1. Be a consistent dean’s list student. Ace every exam that you take. Do all the ethical things that will give you the best result. Grades are very much crucial to your future as it will more or less define how you treat your studies. Employers will look at it, and they can get a lot of information about you just by looking at your grades.


  1. Entering college means you will have lesser time for yourself and longer time for books and lectures. But who says you can’t enjoy it? Joining club activities is the best thing that you can do to enjoy things outside your study. And who knows? You could make long and lasting friendship with awesome people who share the same passion. Not only that, you can also build connections that might come in handy in the future.


  1. Learn to be independent. You have to learn how to live without someone to remind you to eat on time, clean your bed, buy groceries, and wash your own clothes. You’re on your own now. You better prove your parents you’re worth their sacrifice.


Constantly challenge yourself to become better at what you do. Be contented at what you have been able to reach right now, but you have to aim for more, especially if you know in yourself that you can do more. Settling for less will never be an option for you, if you want to see yourself succeed in the future.

And there you have it! Don’t forget to cross your fingers and break a leg!




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